Schengen visa’s – for crew in SA without a job



South African Yachties is now able to do visa applications for South African’s that would like to look for work on a yacht in France!!

*Please note that we are a 3rd party visa agent we do NOT guarantee visa’s as only the French consulate can decide on the result of an application.

For the first time, people looking for jobs on yachts will not have to use the “white lie” of a trip to Europe on holiday in order to get a visa. South African Yachties has negotiated with the embassy to send our South African Yachties clients to France to look for jobs on yachts with no lying. Basically we can apply for a visa on your behalf – it will be a short stay visa valid for 90 days, valid for up to 6 months. Once you secure a position we can then renew your visa from France for a seamans visa valid for 1-5 years (depending on your application, job contract, previous visas, etc.) – this is a separate cost.

You will need sufficient funds in your bank account, or that of a sponsor for the application (R70 000 – R100 000), you will also need to pay R1000 deposit for your flight and 500 Euro’s (around R8000) for 2 weeks accommodation at a crew house in Antibes.

Please note we do NOT guarantee visas and they are issued entirely at the discretion of the embassy. Please see our terms and conditions page for more information.


What we offer:

  • Applicants that have never had a Schengen visa before (and are able to provide all supporting documentation) and are new to yachting *should receive a 90 day visa valid for up to 6 months.
  • Those that have had previous Schengen visa’s (and are able to provide all supporting documentation) and have worked on yachts before *should get a 90 day visa valid for 1 year.
  • We will assist with the paperwork needed.
  • You will not have to lie about your intentions for going overseas.
  • Accommodation confirmation – you will need to pay for 2 weeks up front.
  • Flight deals from STA Travel corporate division (see below)
  • Included in your SA Yachties fee:
    • Is a Skype meeting with Jackie of 30-60 min to discuss the process and any visa related questions you have.
    • Documentation checks and corrections for your application.


  • New yachties that have never had a visa – R3250 (90 days valid for up to 6 months – this is an estimate and NOT guaranteed) – this fee does NOT include your Visa fee at Capago.
  • Yachties that have previously had Schengen visa’s – R3900 – should you not receive a 90 day visa valid for 1 year visa we will refund the balance to the shorter visa you receive mentioned above. Again, this is not guaranteed and solely at the discretion of the embassy. – this fee does NOT include your Visa fee at Capago.
  • Yachties that have boat papers and need assistance with the process and paperwork – 150 Euros – this fee does NOT include your Visa fee at Capago.
  • Capago fee (NOT INCLUDED in any of the above packages) – this fee is subject to change and will need to be paid directly to Capago + – R2200 (incl. VIP and SMS service which we require you choose)
  • Accommodation – Estimate at around 450 Euro’s + bank fees if any. (You will also be required to pay a 50 euro deposit on arrival. No refunds on accommodation.)
  • Travel insurance – we can make suggestions for companies to use, however please make sure you get quotes from at least 2 companies. We cannot be held liable for choices made for travel insurance.

Extra costs you may incur:

  • Postnet fees to send documents to JHB if you are not flying in for the appointment or live in Gauteng.
  • Printing of any outstanding documentation.
  • Printing of passport photo’s if they arrive and they are wrong.

What you will need to get started:

  • Valid South African passport (not damaged) with at least 2 valid blank pages next to each other.
  • You need to either be in JHB for the application OR have had biometrics taken previously.
  • Proof of at least R70 000 – R100 000 in your bank account or that of a sponsor.
  • Flights – we use STA Travel as they will supply a confirmed flight with a R1000 *refundable deposit. (Do NOT book flights or accommodation until you have confirmed availability for your chosen date below)
  • Around 450 – 500 Euro’s + bank fees for accommodation.

New crew visas – for crew wanting to head to France to look for a job on a yacht – Please read carefully.

  • Please note that these visa applications are done in JHB ONLY. If you have not had biometrics taken within the last 3 years you will have to appear in person in JHB – there is no alternative option.
  • You need to fill in the form on our website and send a copy of your last visa (if applicable) and passport. Here you will also find information on the process, pricing, etc
  • Once we have verified that we are able to do the application we will send you a full info form, waiver and disclaimer to sign and send back to us.
  • Once we have received the documentation above you will receive an invoice. (Payments can be EFT into our FNB account in South Africa. We cannot accept any other form of payment at this time).
  • When we receive payment you will then be sent a list of ‘what to do next’, as well as options for meeting dates/times with Jackie or Nannette.

If you wish to continue please fill in the form below so we can contact you.

*Should get – means that this is what we have discussed with the embassy but there are NO guarantees. Only the embassy of France in South Africa can decide on the outcome of a visa and the length/duration/type of a successful visa application. Please see our terms and conditions for more information.

*Refundable – please ask to see STA Travel’s terms and conditions.


Next available SKYPE dates for applications

(please note there is limited space, and it fills up quickly – please DO NOT book flights until you have confirmed there is space available on your chosen date).

*Skype meeting date = date you will discuss your application process with one of the visa agents.

*Capago appointment = date you will be booked in for your visa application.

*Flight = means FROM this day you can book your flight to leave. No earlier. If you have already booked your flight and cannot change it we will not be able to assist as this would mean bumping others off the list, which is not fair.

Visa Form


Your Email


VISA expiration date

PASSPORT expiration date

ID Number

Have you previously had fingerprints taken for your visa

Your address

Have you been in yachting before

Do you have sufficient funds for your visa application - R70 000-R100 000 in your account or that of a Sponsor?

Do you currently have a flight booked

Date of intended departure

Do you currently have two free pages in your passport

Where did you hear about us?

If other, please specify

Have you read and agreed to our terms and conditions

Please email visas@southafricanyachties.co.za with a copy of your current visa.

Flight deals exclusive to SA Yachties visa clients.