Looking for Work Visa’s


Thank you for your interest in our visa services. Below you will find some information on what we offer. Once you have confirmed that you would like to go ahead we will send you an invoice.

Please note we do NOT guarantee visas and they are issued entirely at the discretion of the embassy. 

What we offer:

• We will assist with the paperwork needed, you need to gather the documents on the list we send you.
• You will not have to lie about your intentions for going overseas.
• Accommodation confirmation – we will give you a list of crew houses to book with (availability may affect your trip dates so book this as soon as possible).
• Exclusive flight deals from STA Travel corporate division (see below).
• Included in our Sayachties service fee (R3250): – Is a group Skype meeting with Nannette or Chase of 30-60 min to discuss the application and any visa-related questions you have.


• Sayachties service fee of R3250
• Capago fee – this fee is subject to change and will need to be paid directly to Capago on the day of your visa appointment by you in person. The capago fee is +- R1900 (determined by Rand/Euro exchange rate) to be paid by card only.

Extra costs you may incur:

• Postnet fees to courier documents to our CT or JHB office if you will not be present at your visa appointment.
• Printing of passport photo’s if they arrive and they are wrong.
• We encourage you to collect your passport from our CT or JHB office in person however if you want your passport couriered back to you, you will be charged for the courier fee.
• Flights/transport to CT/JHB (if you reside outside of CT/JHB) should you need to be at your appointment in person (to capture biometrics).
• Any non-visa related costs, such as accommodation, taxis, etc.

What you will need to get started:

• Valid South African passport in good condition, with at least 2 valid blank pages opposite each other. Passport expiry nothing before 2019.
• You need to be at your visa appointment in person (if you’ve not previously had your biometrics captured).
• Proof of at least R80 000 or more in your bank account or that of a sponsor (to be discussed in skype call).
• Flights – do not book this until you have spoken to us.
• Accommodation (this amount will vary, we will discuss this in more detail in the Skype meeting).

What we DO NOT include:

• We are a 3rd party visa agent dealing only with visa applications. We do NOT guarantee the outcome of a visa application in any way.
• We can only advise you on what standard documentation the embassy requires – should they require more for your particular case this will be handled on a case by case basis and we cannot predetermine this.
• We do not include the Capago visa fee, flights, accommodation costs or any other cost relating to the visa application.
• The R3250 is our service fee alone.
• We do not guarantee that you will get a job.
• We cannot guarantee how long your visa will be valid for – this is entirely at the discretion of the embassy.
• We do not guarantee the availability of accommodation or flights. Once payment to Sayachties has been made, we suggest you book these as soon as possible. Please chat with me first about the requirements for flights and accommodation before booking and paying on your own accord. We recommend that you use our preferred suppliers however you don’t have to – if you’d prefer to use your own travel agent for flights and accommodation please be sure to check that the invoices or flights are correct BEFORE making payment.

STEP 1: Visa Information Form

Please go to The Visa Information Form – fill in this form and send it to us online.

We now have offices in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban for your convenience, and a sister office in Antibes called Global Yachties dealing with recruitment, visas & seaman’s books, and crew services. Email sam@globalyachties.com if you need a sim card or anything else on arrival (or before you depart).

Enjoy your training and best of luck on your new adventure!

The South African Yachties Team.