Visa’s & Seamans Books



South African Yachties can help South African yacht crew with a range of visa services.

Visas for crew looking for work:

If you are looking to get into yachting and need assistance with that daunting Schengen visa application – we can help.

*Please note we do not guarantee visas, only Consulates in South Africa that issue the visa can decide on the outcome of an application, and it is entirely at their discretion. Please see our terms and conditions page for more information.


Visa’s for crew in Europe needing to extend their visa’s:

If you are employed on a yacht and need a new Schengen visa, we can assist you with all your paperwork before you leave, so that on arrival in South Africa you will have the shortest possible turnaround time. You can visit friends or family, do a short course or simply relax for a few days while we take care of it for you..

*Please note we do not guarantee visas, only the French and Italian Consulates in South Africa can issue a visa and it is entirely at their discretion. Please see our terms and conditions page for more information.

Please follow this link to get more information on the process and costs.



Visa’s for crew in South Africa needing assistance with seaman’s visa applications with boat papers:

Found a job on a yacht while still in South Africa? We are able to assist you in South Africa with your seaman’s visa application. South African Yachties knows the seaman’s visa process inside and out for France and Italy – we can assist you in making sure you have everything for your visa application in order to avoid delays. We are able to communicate directly to your Captain, Chief Officer or Purser what exactly you need from them, and check all your documentation is correct. We are also able to submit on your behalf should you previously have had your biometrics taken. This service costs 150 Euro’s (price excludes your visa fees at Capago and any additional costs for travel insurance, flights, etc.)

*Please note we do not guarantee visas, only the issuing country’s consulate in South Africa can issue a visa and it is entirely at their discretion. Please see our terms and conditions page for more information.


Seaman’s discharge books

South African Yachties can assist in getting you a seaman’s discharge book. You will need to apply either from the country of your flag state, or from your country of residence.

Details below:

Seamans books (ONLY available to those who already have a job) –

We can offer the following seamans book options:

SAMSA – R1300 +R60 if we need to print you pictures in South Africa +R400 for delivery to Europe (unless you are doing a visa application with us, then you will not pay the delivery fee). Peak season books take 7-10 days to process. Out of season they can take as little as 2 days. Delivery from JHB to France takes 2 days.


Cayman Islands – €95.00 (US$100) per book issued + our fee of €50.

You will also need to pay for delivery if you are not in the Antibes area for collection – please add €40.00 for French delivery,  if it is to be sent outside of France please add €60.00.

These books are submitted on Fridays only and collected the following Friday. (Depending on the time of year this can change to 2 weeks)


Isle of Man – The cost is £75 + our fee of €50.

Courier cost is an extra £32 within France (please request a quote for outside of France).

These applications are submitted any day of the week and take 2 days for processing, and around 2 days to send by courier. (Please note they can be posted for a small fee – but you will not know when it will arrive as there is no tracking number.


UK – MCA – fee is £40.00 + €50. You will also pay to get it to the office in the UK (around €25), and to have it returned – around €40 in France.

These applications are submitted on Thursdays and take around a week to 10 days to receive.


Please email visas@southafricanyachties for all seamans book application queries.

You can also email Fallon at sdb@southafricanyachties.co.za if you require a SAMSA seamans book.