Peace of mind

As a new yachtie or a parent of a new yachtie you want to guarantee that any money spent and any company used are able to give you what you pay for.

At South African Yachties we strive to make you feel totally at ease using our services, and encourage nervous parents to give us a call anytime to have a chat and find out if using our services can benefit their child.

Let me however start by saying that you are in good hands! We are an established company with a great reputation, which you can see from our testimonials and facebook page comments from previous clients. We are affiliated with many of South Africa’s top training schools and industry professionals. We are based out of Pretoria and you are welcome to meet us face to face should you be in the Gauteng area.

To further ensure you that we are a reputable company, our credit card and bank details are on the contact page of the website.

We also feel that honesty about what we can, and cannot offer you is imperative for a trusting relationship, so we would like to make it very clear that we DO NOT guarantee visa’s, or jobs. South African Yachties is not a visa agent, travel agent, or recruitment agent. No one in South Africa can guarantee you work in the Super Yacht industry, it is a risky and expensive career to enter into (although the perks far outweigh the risk once you have found a job), and we can only properly prepare you for what to expect and what is needed, and put our South African Yachties clients forward first for any jobs that may land on our desks from Captains and friends in the industry. If you would like to go into more detail about this, please do not hesitate to call us.

If you would like to test out our service, let us advise, and book courses for you at South Africa’s top yachting schools (at absolutely NO cost to you) so you do not end up paying for courses you don’t need or skipping some you really do need! If you are happy and satisfied with us after that then we will continue to give you help and advice once payment has been made for the package of your choice.