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Are you looking to get into the exciting world of Super Yachting?

Don’t start off on the wrong foot! Hearing this and that from friends and family can get you into trouble and confuse you to no end… the industry is ever changing and that’s why it’s best to hear from people in the industry that know what’s going on. David and Samantha have the answers to ALL your yachting related questions and are here to help you as you think of new questions as you go. You need to know all about what you are getting into financially as well as what the basic requirements are – and its best to find that out first, before you pay thousands for courses only to realize you don’t have enough money to buy a plane ticket, you didn’t do the right courses, you don’t have enough money for accommodation or that you are not suited to the industry. Ask any of our South African Yachties clients and they’ll tell you that being able to ask a professional questions instead of guessing, googling or hearing it through the grape vine – is invaluable to your Super Yachting journey. Put your mind at ease… call or email South African Yachties today and get all the information before you start!