Just because you aren’t from S.A doesn’t mean we can’t help

Not from South Africa? We can still help you! From info for newbies to course bookings for seasoned yachties – we will be happy to help!


Skype is a wonderful invention, and we are just a phone call or message away. So if you are looking for info or needing assistance with any of the following don’t hesitate to email us so we can set up a time to chat to you.
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Course bookings

Heard about how awesome the schools in S.A are? Want a quote and some help from South African’s? We’ll be happy to book (at NO additional cost to you) your courses, give advice on where to stay and give you some touristy things to do on your days off.

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Seaman’s fares

Not sure about your plans? Book a Seaman’s ticket and get flexible return dates, extra baggage allowance and the freedom to change your ticket if you need too! We can quote and book for you.
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First-hand knowledge of yachting and what you should expect

Whether you are South African or not, the industry is the same for everyone… we’ll go through what you should expect so you can decide if Yachting is for you before you spend 1000’s on courses and flights!

What salary should you expect

We’ll give you a breakdown of what salary you can expect depending on your skills and qualifications.

When to look for jobs

This is important because you don’t want to go at the wrong time of year and end up waiting around for the season to start.

Costs involved

We’ll go through a list of what you’re going to need to spend so you can budget properly and have a clear idea of what it’s going to cost you to get into the wonderful world of yachting!

CV editing

Land CV’s are very different to yachting CV’s and we will help you to create and edit your CV so you have a better chance of landing a job!

Offshore Banking

Setting up an offshore bank account is very important – we can help you.
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Course information

Hearing a different story from everyone on what courses you need to do? We can clear it up for you!

Interview Techniques

Nervous for your first interview? We’ll give you some advice and practice so you feel confident in your interviews!

Accommodation advise

Not sure where to stay? We can help!

Map of Antibes

We’ll give you a detailed map of where to go in Antibes so you can hit the ground running when you arrive (Agencies, Cyber cafes, crew houses, pubs, pharmacy, doctor, etc.)

Dock Walking tips

Never dockwalked? We’ll give you some first-hand advice so you know some do’s and don’ts that can make or break your dockwalking success.

What to wear

First impressions last… let us help you to pack your bag before you leave so you know exactly what you’ll need.

What to take with

Packing for 6 months can be daunting – there are things that should not be left behind..

Agency contacts

We will give you a list of the top crew agencies as well as some direct contacts that can assist you with landing a job.

International Package

All of our assistance and guidelines are charged for in a package rate for non-South Africans. We charge €100 for help with all of the above. (except course bookings which we offer at no charge).