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Master 3000t and OOW Oral prep

I thought I would share some information for those of you looking to do your MCA Officer of the watch, Master 500gt or Master 3000gt – particularly the oral prep. My name is David Pott, I have been in the industry for 10years and started like most, as a deckhand on a large motor yacht. I founded a company called South African Yachties, which offers a range of services to all nationalities. We specialize in Schengen Visa applications for first

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Yachting jobs, visas and accommodation

Yachting jobs, visas and accommodation in The Mediterranean South African Yachties Have a look at our website to see how we can assist you! www.southafricanyachties.co.za Whether you are a new yachtie looking to get into the industry or an experienced yachtie looking for convenience and information – we can assist with all your questions on: Seaman’s visas Yachting courses Crew accommodation Dockwalking tips Seamans fares Recruitment (see special skills options) Captains Officers Deckhands Chief Stewardesses Stewardess Junior Stewardess Engineers Chefs


Captain David Pott! ;-)

David Pott, founder of South African yachties is now CAPTAIN David Pott!! We couldn’t be prouder!! Let us use our years of experience to help you answer all your yachting related questions! www.southafricanyachties.co.za or email Samantha@southafricanyachties.co.za