Seamans Visa – If you have a job

South African Yachties can renew your Schengen visa within 3 months of expiry without you having to return home! We will take in passports once a week on Tuesday mornings please take a look at the schedule below and book your space asap. We currently offer seaman’s visas for those on yachts that spend most of the year in France only.


Seaman’s visa applications cost 580 Euros including application fees for a French application. You need to have a job on a vessel in order for us to do the seaman’s visa application. Seaman’s visas are currently being issued to our clients for *1-5 years depending on each applicants file, and depending on the country of issue (some countries give less or a different type of visa). Please see step by step guidelines below. If you have any further questions please email visas@southafricanyachties.co.za.


Seaman’s visa applications in Europe for those that have a job and boat papers –  Please read carefully

  • Please note that these visa applications are sent once a week. You need to fill in the form below and send a copy of your visa and passport. You will also find information on the process, pricing, time lines, etc.
  • Once we have verified that we are able to do the application we will send you a full info form, waiver and disclaimer to sign and send back to us. Please include a date to be booked in with this email. (See schedule below). We do not send outside of these times – should you need a special date booked or require an ‘Urgent’ application submission we will charge a €50 fee for this service, this is subject to our availability.
  • Please go get stamped out immediately – see details on the free info section of our website.
  • Once we have received the documentation above you will receive an invoice. (Payments can be made by PayPal (PayPal also accepts credit card payments, or EFT into our FNB account in South Africa. We cannot accept any other form of payment at this time).
  • When we receive payment you will then be sent all documentation lists and samples for what you will need for your application.
  • You need to send ALL documentation for checking by email to visas@southafricanyachties.co.za a minimum of 4 days before your sending date. This should be sent in one or two emails and not as you get them please as this causes confusion.
  • We will need you to drop your application at our courier collection point in Antibes the day before sending (or latest the morning of by 9am).
  • All visa applications through France require a seaman’s book. If you do not have a seaman’s book we can offer you assistance in getting one please see details in the seaman’s book on HERE.

You will need to have the following for us to be able to do these visa applications:

  • Previously had biometrics taken.
  • Not over stayed your 90 days.
  • Have a valid passport (expiry not within 2 years of the current date) with at least 2 consecutive blank pages marked VISA.
  • Your passport is in good condition.
  • You have a job on a foreign flagged vessel.
  • You are able to get all necessary documentation from your boat.
  • You are on a vessel that spends most of the year in French waters.

Please note that all visa applications are at our discretion and we will only take on your case once we have all relevant information.

Visa schedules for crew applying for a seaman’s visa with boat papers from Europe:

PLEASE NOTE: The consulate of France in South Africa is experiencing delays due to technical problems and all visas could be delayed by a few days. Therefore we hope to have a 10 day turn around time, but it may be 12-14 days)

The next available sending dates for mainland FRANCE are as follows (please pre book a date by at least 3-7 days).

September 12, 19 & 26

October 3,10 & 31

November 14 & 28

December 5

*No more till 2nd week of January*

Schengen Visa renewal

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VISA expiration date

PASSPORT expiration date

Where are you currently based

Do you have a job

How long is your contract

Where is the boat currently

Does the boat have a home berth? If so, where?

What is the flagstate of the vessel

Do you have seaman's book

Are they willing to give you boat papers

Have you previously had fingerprints taken for your visa

Do you currently have two free pages in your passport

Please email visas@southafricanyachties.co.za with a copy of your current visa.